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Listed prices are the price of the car when it was sold new in Japan. It does not represent the price of a used unit. It gives an idea about the value of the product.
Conversion to Canadian Dollar (CAD) from Japanese Yen (JPY) is done with current exchange rates.
Please contact us if you want to know the current price for your dream car!
1995 Jan
Modification Chassis ID Engine Drive Gearbox Volume (l) Power (h.p) Fuel Apx. Price
1.5 E-GC1 EJ15 FF 4AT 1.493 97 Regular (92) 15,900
1.6 E-GC4 EJ16 Full-time 4WD 4AT 1.597 100 Regular (92) 18,200
1.6 E-GC4 EJ16 Part-time 4WD 5MT 1.597 100 Regular (92) 16,700
1.5 E-GC1 EJ15 FF 5MT 1.493 97 Regular (92) 14,700