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Automotive Networking for Dealers

Automotive Network for Dealers (AND) is a package of software tools and apps which aims to form a network of connections between automotive dealers to help them to offer the exact product that their client needs on a real time basis. Dealer-Only auctions have been trying to make a connection between dealers but in many cases their operations are too costly for users with no positive output. We have seen many times that a dealership from Regina runs a unit in a dealer-only auction in Saskatoon with no success. The users often face major shipping and auction processing fees.

Online world has been very successful in eliminating the necessity of physical presence. AND offers a great range of possibilities that dealer-only auctions have not been able to. Classified ads for local and Canada-wide inventories along with features for evaluating the wholesale and retail values of products, market trends, vehicle and market history search engines are examples of what users will get from this network. AND is an ever evolving ecosystem. The first ready to use version will be rolling out in Q1 2021.